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      You may have heard “It’s all in the kiss”. A kiss can tell you everything about how you feel about your partner. Kissing is one of the most if not the most intimate act two people can experience.  With a simple gaze, touch of the arm and touch of your lips together can ignite that sensual magic we all crave.  A bad kiss can end an attraction as fast as it started but that doesn’t have to happen if you’re prepared to become an amazing kisser.  Who teaches you how to kiss anyhow? Your first kissing partner didn’t come with instructions to last a lifetime. Even if you think you are a great kisser, there are tips to make yourself better. This is how it can be done:   


The Invitation – Timing is everything

You must be able to read your partner to know that a kiss is wanted and they are inviting you to share such intimacy with you.  Those who want to kiss will send significant signals that indicate they want to kiss you. These signals are eye contact, touching of the arms and engaged communication. There is nothing more uncomfortable for either partner than an uninvited kiss. Pay attention to your timing if you initiate; reading the others body language and signs of an invitation will create that spark from the beginning. 


Hand Location – Embracing

Have you ever kissed someone and thought about where your hands should go? Touch the arms and wrap them around your partner’s body, feeling the back always feels great.  Touching of the face at times can be romantic but can also feel restraining, so if the desire is to stroke the beautiful face in front of you, do so softly and for shorter amounts of time.  Holding of the back of the neck can be a gesture expressing the closeness you feel for your partner, be gentle doing this.


Angle of the Face – Nose Position

Tilting your head towards opposite angles is a must when going in for a kiss; the reason being is so your noses don’t bang together. Avoid digging your nose into your partner’s cheek; this may be distracting and uncomfortable. Variations of positions are always good in a smooth manner. A little kiss to the neck and earlobe are pleasing if you're further involved with your love.



Heavy breathing is at times uncontrollable when in the heat of passion and often indicates arousal. If you are breathing heavily be sure not to breathe directly into the others mouth. Attempt to breathe mostly out of your nose if possible.  


Swallow – Sloppy Kiss is a Bad Kiss

Always swallow before starting a kiss and if needed during mid-kissing take a breath to swallow.  A sloppy kisser is one who leaves behind saliva all over the others mouth.  If your partner has to wipe their face after kissing, that’s not good kissing. Don’t make your partner drink your saliva. Clean kissing is ranked as great kissing. 


Don’t be a Motor Mouth – Go with the Flow

There’s nothing more annoying than kissing someone whose tongue has a mind of its own. Don’t feel around the inside of the mouth of your partner or lick awkwardly. Use your lips and tongue in a compatible motion. Develop chemistry with your partner by kissing at similar or the same pace.  Don’t use your tongue in erratic motions or anything strange (unless they ask you to and you want to).  A good kisser is one that is in sync with their partner.


Come Up for Air – Kissing Variations

It takes two people to kiss, so consider that the other person is there to enjoy the experience as much as you want to.  Don’t suffocate your partner, let them breath every now and then.  This will allow for the long passionate mouth to mouth kiss and also allow for those little lip pecks that have quite a stimulating sensation.


Eye Contact - Eyes Open or Eyes Closed

Having eye contact is very important when bonding with your partner, although kissing with your eyes open the entire time may be awkward for your partner.  If you want to make eye contact pull apart for a moment and gaze into your partner’s eyes, this creates intimacy. When kissing it’s ok to want to look at your partner but if they catch you starring at them while kissing, it may appear strange seeing as though your faces are millimeters apart. Gaze, then close your eyes and enjoy the moment.



Always take great care of your mouth if you expect to share it with someone. Good oral hygiene is not only a huge turn on; it helps make you a great kisser. Fresh breath and a clean tongue are really important to most people. One smell of bad breath can turn someone off from you. Also keep your overall body, skin and hair clean. Always smell good for your partner, this will make them feel good about you and want to kiss you more.



If you experience a bad kiss from someone you really like and become disappointed, try telling them how you like to be kissed.  Give them a chance to become a great kisser and try improving your kissing skills as well. Sometimes people just don’t know what you will enjoy until they’re told. Kissing should be enjoyable and feel natural between two people. Don’t think too hard about the mechanics while kissing, consider our tips and enjoy!  






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