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Scientists have come to accept that a few fundamental differences between men and women are biological. It turns out that men's and women's brains, for example, are not only different, but the way we use them differs too. Women have larger connections and more frequent interaction between their brain's left and right hemispheres. This accounts for women's ability to have better verbal skills and intuition. Men, on the other hand, have greater brain hemisphere separation, which explains their skills for abstract reasoning and visual-spatial intelligence.

Females tend to like their partners better than males do. Moreover, women fall in love more often, report more intense feelings (feeling euphoric and wanting to scream), are ready to marry earlier, love more often when it isn't returned, think love is more rewarding, and idealize the partner more than males do. In spite of the fact that women have more loves and more intense romantic experiences (their perceptions and behaviors are more affected by their affection), males score higher on the Romanticism Scales than females and they fall in love earlier in a relationship. Almost 25% of males are "in love" before the fourth date, only 15% of females are. In fact, 50% of women take over 20 dates to decide they are in love. There is also some evidence that males hurt more than females during a break up, but individuals vary greatly.


Males think positive activities, like washing the dishes, are more important than positive affection, like kissing. Women think just the opposite. Thus, when one man was told by a therapist to go home and do something affectionate towards his wife, he washed her car! His wife considered the car wash helpful but not at all affectionate. He saw it as a great way to show his love for her. Many traditional men would sincerely say, "I show her I love her by supporting her." Both men and women need to be aware of this difference. Men could say, "Sweetheart, I washed your car to say 'I love you'." Women could tell themselves "washing the car is how he shows his love for me." One way or another, both sexes need to be clearly told "I love you" often.


Written by: Carlye Dean - Certified Life Coach




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