Why You Need Purpose In Life and How To Find Yours
We all need purpose in our lives to be happy. We need a meaningful reason to wake up every morning to keep us growing in life. The element of purpose is the driving force behind your happiness. It is what makes you who you are. Fill your life with purpose and you will experience the bliss and fulfillment we all desire. Purpose can mean different things for each person; some may find it in building a family, while others find their meaningful purpose in their talents.

You can have multiple purposes for your life and you may change your purpose throughout your life. Your purpose does not necessarily need to be big; some may find it in being a parent, in being an artist, in philanthropy or anything that has meaning to that person.

Each and every person is here for a reason, it is up to each person to discover what that reason is. Create a truly amazing existence for your life by pursuing your greatest passions; this is what makes you special and unique.

People who reach greater levels of success have something in common, they know that the right time to act is right NOW. Successful people do things that unsuccessful people can’t be bothered to do. They don’t wait for the right time, they use their courage to do meaningful things in the present moment leading them to greater success.

5 reasons why you need purpose in your life:

1. Having purpose gives your life meaning

A life of meaning is a life well lived. Your life should mean something, the world needs you and you are here for a reason. Know that you’re an important asset to this world and let it mean something.

2. Live with drive & pursue your passions

Knowing that greatly successful people take action in the present moment should inspire you to start following your dreams NOW. Pursue your passions and keep going! It’s in you to make it all happen.


3. Purpose gives your life direction

We all have a path we are headed down, often people feel lost if they don’t have direction; purpose gives your life that direction. Purpose guides you down the right path.

4. Have freedom and gain fulfillment

When your life is going in the right direction, when you have purpose and meaning you will be liberated because you are able to truly be who you are. When you’re free to be you, you will discover much more fulfillment.

5. Achieve greater success

When you are doing what you are meant to do with your life, you will achieve greater success. When purpose is driving your life, you will have the courage to “take a leap of faith”; optimism results in greater success.

How to find your purpose in life:

Discover your authentic self

What makes you who you are? When you get to know the true you, you can better find your purpose. Be the best version of yourself. Only you can tell you who you are, no one else should influence your purpose.

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Know your strengths and values

By knowing your strengths you can use them to grow into the best version of yourself. You can find your purpose by acknowledging your strengths. What are you good at? What you’re best at will often guide your purpose. Having strong values will also help keep your purpose in focus.

Focus on what you are passionate about

What are you passionate about? Do you have passion for children, do you have passion for painting or even for staying healthy; by focusing on what your passions are you will easily find purpose.

Become the best version of yourself

How you can become the best version of yourself is simple; focus on your strengths, passions and values. It may be a progression to transform into your best. Do the self work by seeing a Life Coach or finding a way to self improve, it’s worth it!

Have courage to follow your dreams

Follow your dreams, it’s your life to live and you must do what will fulfill you. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t give up and take the necessary steps to progress towards achieving your dreams. Following your dreams comes with dedication and working to achieving life goals.

Live your life with purpose and you will experience ultimate joy, peace and fulfillment in your life.

Written by: Carlye Dean – Certified Life Coach



0 #3 Philanthropy Guru 2012-10-10 09:03 Each purpose will be different based on the talents and interests and passions of the individual.

The challenge is to either discover what we were meant to do or create meaning by doing something meaningful to us. Either way, the joy of a life lived with purpose and meaning will add immeasurably to our happiness.
0 #2 Jameel Mia 2012-10-09 05:15 The purpose of life is to determine what becomes of you after you die.. the goal should be to live a clean honest life, and maybe if you can, leave behind a legacy. Quote
0 #1 Aryssa N 2012-10-08 18:51 I definitely do not have those "grand ambitions" or "big purposes" in my life … I've thought about those questions that you're asking and I voiced them out before

Personally, I have a "small purpose" in life, that is to make those people who love me feel happy. =) I can't say it's a bad thing to be born … I quite enjoy the life I have now. Maybe my purpose is just to see what this world looks like.

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