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People often realize how grateful they are through experiencing life changing events. Through our struggles often we learn to be thankful for what we already have. Recently I overheard someone say “I’m grateful to have my health”, this person had just experienced a hardship yet they decided to focus on the positive aspect of being grateful. This got me thinking how influential that simple statement was. If you take a good look you will discover the abundance of blessings in your life. It will be difficult to sweat the small stuff when you’re too focused on what is so positive about your life.

Gratitude means being grateful or thankful. Begin exploring what it is that you are grateful for and you will create more happiness in your life.

Studies suggest thankful people have better health, higher energy, experience less stress, they have higher income, more successful relationships, fall asleep easier at night and live longer lives. You can transform your life to have more gratitude by committing to practicing gratitude.

You must practice gratitude consistently for it to affect your life in an impactful way. Consider the following guidance to discover your inner gratitude.

You can begin to discover your personal gratitude by answering the following:

Who are you grateful to have in your life?

What are you grateful for about your health?

What about your job are you thankful for?

What are you thankful for in your personal relationships?

What opportunity in your life are you most grateful for?

How being grateful improves your life:

It makes you feel more happiness.

Reminds you of what’s important.

Thinking about what you’re grateful for affirms the positive things in your life.

Turns negative feelings into positive feelings. Upset over something at work? Be grateful you have work.

Being grateful evokes feelings of happiness and creates a positive state of mind.

How to live a life of gratitude:

Say thank you in your everyday life often.

Write a thank you letter to someone.

Write a thank you card to someone who loves you.

Acknowledge what you receive in your life.

Practice affirmations for gratitude.

Keep a gratitude journal and write in it daily.

Give back.

You will be happier in your life the more thankful you are, make this perception a part of your lifestyle!



0 #4 jjonesnyc 2011-11-19 12:48 Happy Thanksgiving ;-) Quote
0 #3 Masaru Emoto 2011-11-14 10:33 I am grateful for my daughter, my family, my friends, my pets, "grace," love, and forgiveness. I am truly rich though many believe i am poor with little money and a housing project apartment. I am rich. You are too. We all are if we acknowledge all with gratitude. Hope this isn't too long Bless you Quote
+1 #2 bseychel 2011-11-13 19:21 I am a firm believer in being kind and polite to others, and expressing gratitude when someone has done something nice for you is very important. It shows character on your part, as well as making someone feel appreciated for a nice thing that they did for you.

: )

(((Sun is Shining)))
0 #1 fiona71 2011-11-13 18:08 Good article in time for the holidays Quote

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