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       What are affirmations? These positive statements are adopted by many to enforce positive thoughts and feelings. They can help you achieve positive outcomes in areas of your life such as love, success and health. You can transform your thought process by practicing positive affirmations daily. If you experience any negative self talk, replacing those thoughts with affirmations can redirect your focus. You can overcome past negative experiences and fears by enforcing your positive affirmations regularly. The more you practice these statements, the more your negative thoughts can be over written.

Many, who have discovered this positive way of boosting internal happiness, must work at actually using affirmations every day. You can do this by writing down affirmations that are significant to you on note paper and posting them in areas of your home that you frequent such as a mirror or desk.  By maintaining these practices, you can re design your thoughts and transform behavioral patterns from within. 


Set goals and establish your core values by choosing to practice powerful affirmations. Reinforce your beliefs with the possibility of possibilities. The positive thoughts that you create will become a reality from the belief system you’ve developed through affirmations.


An affirmation is describing what is not what you want. Instead of saying “When I succeed I will be happy” change that thought to “I am successful and I am happy”. By stating what is you are affirming that for your life now.


Here are some ideas for affirmations that you can try:

Affirmations for Success:

I am successful.

I accomplish my goals.

I find solutions.

I am creative.

Everything I do turns into success.

Success comes to me easily.

I am very fortunate.


Affirmations for Confidence:

I love myself.

I am beautiful.

I am open-minded.

I keep a positive attitude.

I am worthwhile.

I say “no” when I want to.

I forgive myself.


Affirmations for Abundance:

I am an abundant person.

My life is filled with abundance.

I always receive more than what I need.

My bank account has more than enough.

Everything I want and need comes to me.

I draw abundance to myself.

I accept abundance.


Affirmations for Health:

I am strong and healthy.

I eat healthy to nourish my body.

I exercise regularly, exercise is fun.

I deserve to be healthy.

I am balanced

I nurture my spirit

I live a healthy lifestyle.


Affirmations for Relationships:

I seek out people who love and nurture me.

I am caring, supportive, loyal and sincere in my relationship.

Confident and positive people are drawn to me.

I am a friend to myself and am fun to be with.

I let go of resentment.

I express my feelings thoughtfully.

I have happy relationships.






0 #3 Andrei 2011-01-25 13:35 Affirmations need to be said our mind listens and eventually takes it in, that is how our mind works.

Think about how often we take in negative things because people say them to us ?
Its just the same .. except we are changing the negative for positive.
0 #2 Laura Liem 2011-01-22 14:21 I say affirmations all the time, they help my good moods. Quote
0 #1 gary983k 2011-01-19 09:41 And so it is. I am very lucky. Quote

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